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Cate Shanahan, MD, joins us in this episode to discuss how vegetable oils affect the body. As a Cornell-trained physician-scientist, Dr. Cate’s work has inspired entire movements involving bone broth, live-culture ferments, and seed oil-free business empires – and she sits down to elaborate on some of her most intriguing discoveries…

In her latest book, Dark Calories: How Vegetable Oils Destroy Our Health and How We Can Get It Back, Dr. Cate shows readers how a group of eight little-known oils cause the cellular damage underlying nearly all chronic diseases, exposes the corruption that misleads doctors and consumers into using them, and provides a clear roadmap to recovery and rejuvenation.

Are you ready to reframe your understanding of vegetable oil and take control of your health? Join us now to get started!

In this conversation, we cover:

  • What essential fatty acids are, and how they impact the human body.
  • How Dr. Cate’s own health issues inspired her work as an educator.
  • Why it is so important to get down to the root causes of various health conditions.

You can follow along with Dr. Cate and her work by visiting her website

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