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Joining us in this episode is Carol S. Henger, a former Postdoctoral Fellow in the Molecular Lab at the Wildlife Conservation Society. As a researcher who has used molecular approaches to conserve endangered species, she now teaches middle and high school students about DNA and genetics – a subject she fell in love with during her postdoc studies.

Carol is a Texan now living in New York who specializes in the ecology of coyotes in urban settings. Where are they coming from? What are they eating? How do they sustain themselves in such foreign environments? Tune in now as Carol educates us on the fascinating subjects of environmental science and wildlife monitoring…

In this conversation, we dig into:

  • The primary differences between coyotes and wolves. 
  • What makes eastern coyotes different from the others. 
  • Why coyotes’ hunting behaviors are so unique. 
  • How researchers observe and study coyotes. 
  • The most common human food that urban coyotes eat. 

To follow along with Carol and her work, click here now!

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