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When you hear the word ‘network,’ you might think of social, internet, or communication networks. But what about the biochemical and genetic networks within each of our cells?

These are the networks Albert-László Barabási explores. In this episode, he shares insight into these networks that will make you look at life, disease, health, and our bodies in a very different way.

Press play to learn:

  • How the networks within our cells govern life
  • Why cellular networks are essential to understanding how disease emerges in the human body
  • How an understanding of biochemical and genetic networks can lead to better disease treatments
  • Why current medicine rarely fixes the source of the problem

Barabási is the Robert Gray Dodge Professor of Network Science and a Distinguished University Professor at Northeastern University, where he directs the Center for Complex Network Research.

Learn more about Barabási and his research at Albert-László Barabási – Khoury College of Computer Sciences (

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