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Can Plants and the landscapes from which they come give us a clue into the human lineage? By looking at where apes lived and interacted with plants, history can be uncovered.

Listen up to learn:

  • The time periods which can offer the most significant clues
  • Historical periods of temperature change and their impact
  • How proxies can help research progress

Dr. Daniel Peppe, associate professor at Baylor University, shares his research working with paleontology and how plants affect various periods of time.

By examining generations’ worth of time and the plants present during it, we can get a glimpse of what life may have been like during them. Whether through temperature, precipitation, or the ape and human impact, ancient ecology can reveal more than you may think.

Since temperature varies over millennia, it has had a massive impact on plants and biological life. By examining weather and ecology in as many places in the world as possible, a complete picture can begin to be formed.

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