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Maggie Jackson sits down with us to discuss her latest book, Uncertain: The Wisdom and Wonder of Being Unsure. Nominated for a National Book Award and added to three Best Books of 2023 lists, Uncertain helps readers understand why they should seek “not-knowing” in times of angst and flux.

How can we harness the neglected power of uncertainty? Uncertain is a book that provides a detailed roadmap for people looking to shake things up in their lives…

Maggie is a former columnist for the Boston Globe and has written for The New York Times and other publications worldwide. With a passion for asking the hard questions, she writes about crucial aspects of life such as home and attention – and now the uncertain mind.

Click play to explore:

  • The importance of asking the right “human questions.”
  • What the research says about technology-derived cognitive damage.
  • How uncertainty is related to distraction.
  • The two different kinds of uncertainty and how to harness it.

You can find more on Maggie and her work here!

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