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Dr. Pamela Popper is the president of Wellness Forum Health, a company that’s been offering a number of health and wellness services for the past 25 years. In this episode, critically important questions about COVID-19—the ones you won’t hear in mainstream media—are asked and answered.

You’ll learn:

  • Why so many people’s videos are being censored and taken down during this pandemic—even those by credible medical doctors and scientists whose honesty and data contradict the narrative of the CDC, WHO, and mainstream media
  • How many billions of dollars big pharma paid in advertising just last year to five major news outlets, and how this could be shaping the type of information we’re being told through those news outlets
  • What next…once we accept that things aren’t exactly as they might appear? How do we retain our civil liberties?

At first, we were told by health officials that masks couldn’t stop the spread of the virus, and even worse, that they might increase the likelihood of contracting it, but now we can’t buy food in most parts of the country without wearing one.

Conflicting information has been coming at us through mainstream media outlets since day one, yet at the same time, popular platforms like Twitter and YouTube are actively censoring anyone who shares information that doesn’t align with a very specific narrative—the same narrative that’s touted in 24-hour news cycles, commercials, social media platforms, billboards, and even by many of our friends, family members, and neighbors.

There is no end in sight. Will there be a second wave? Or are we already in the second wave, and waiting for the third? Is this really the “new normal” that we all just need to accept, one in which our children can return to school only if they wear a mask and stay far apart from their peers and teachers at all times, or else risk death? In this landscape, honest and credible medical doctors are being barred from documenting their clinical stats and perspectives on the handling of this virus. We must ask why.

What about the doctors who admit that they’re being pressured and monetarily incentivized to write COVID-19 on death certificates? What about the conflicting results from multiple COVID-19 tests on one person, or the fact that the PCR test used isn’t a diagnostic tool at all, but a laboratory technique?

How do we make sense of all of this? Dr. Popper provides a compelling answer that she can back of with extensive research and evidence, explaining “That’s how you destabilize a population, and that’s what this is really all about…If you want to completely take control of people, you make arbitrary rules and change them often, you make sure that people are separated and they can’t assemble…you turn the people against one another, and then you can take over a population of people…Hitler…Stalin…Castro did it…What we’re watching is how you can take over the world using the same strategies…”

Dr. Popper provides a concise list of the four things that were necessary in order to bring about this pandemic, and what the powers that be—namely the CDC and WHO in conjunction with other powerful actors—didn’t count on.

To learn more about making sense of the state of the world, and to unite with like-minded Americans, visit

To find information on Dr. Popper and Wellness Forum Health, visit To check out Dr. Popper’s informative and eye-opening videos on COVID-19, search for her channel on YouTube.

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