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Biodiversity and protected area specialist, Julian Bayliss, shares the details of his interesting work in conservation biology, ecology, and area management over the years, with a special emphasis on his discovery of a lost forest.

Tune in to learn:

  • How Bayliss discovered and confirmed the existence of the forest
  • What common African folklore is shared among the locals near Mount Lico regarding the  mountain
  • What new species were discovered in the lost rainforest atop Mount Lico

Over 15 years of biodiversity research and surveys in Africa eventually led to the discovery of a lost rainforest atop Mount Lico in Northern Mozambique. The expeditions that led to this are a part of a larger conservation program that aims to bring attention and focus to the importance of protecting the high-altitude mountains and biodiversity in this region. Ultimately, it is about providing the necessary evidence to justify the funds for protecting and managing this region of Africa.

According to the locals surrounding the base of the mountain, no one had ever been up there…up the steep circle of rock cradling a rainforest about one kilometer in diameter. With this information, Bayliss and his team set out to explore the secret forest he’d identified through satellite imagery, with the expectation that they would be the first humans to ever step foot there.

However, they were in for quite a surprise when they discovered three upturned clay pots arranged in a triangular shape beside a stream. How did they get there? When were they put there? And by whom…and why?

These are a few of the questions Bayliss talks about on today’s show. He also explains what types of new species were found in the rainforest, the DNA sequencing they’re doing to learn more about the animals found, and what he’s planning for the future.

To watch a National Geographic special on the lost forest, click on the link here:

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