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What physiological responses do trees have to environmental factors? By “chasing carbon dioxide molecules around,” John Seiler has gained fascinating insights into the world of tree physiology, and he joins us to share his knowledge…

Dr. John Seiler is a Professor and Tree Physiology Specialist at Virginia Tech College of Natural Resources and Environment. Here, he studies the environmental stress that affects woody plant physiology, including water and pollutant stresses. From soil health to photosynthesis, Dr. Seiler is on a mission to better understand how trees adapt to and survive under various environmental conditions – ultimately contributing to the sustainability and health of our forests.

Dive in now to explore: 

  • How Dr. Seiler measures carbon dioxide and photosynthesis levels. 
  • The ways that roots provide trees with essential nutrients. 
  • How to maintain and improve carbon-heavy soils.
  • The various forms that carbon dioxide can take. 

Want to learn more about the nature of trees and their environments? To find out more on Dr. Seiler, click here now!

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