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Have you ever taken a sip of water and immediately regretted it because it tasted awful? What about the water that tastes good but isn’t good for you? What makes water drinkable?

All your questions about water quality and contamination will be answered in this episode, where we’re joined by Peter J. Vikesland, professor of civil and environmental engineering at Virginia Tech. Over his decades-long career, his work has revolved primarily around drinking water treatment and contaminant remediation.

Tune in to explore:

  • The use of lasers and nanomaterials to detect antibiotic-resistant bacteria and pathogenic viruses in drinking water
  • Whether most water facilities have the equipment necessary to detect low levels of PFAS (“forever chemicals”) in drinking water
  •  Common contaminants found in drinking water, including pharmaceuticals and nanoplastics
  • The most ideal way to conduct water sampling and why the technology isn’t there yet

Interested in learning more?

Press play and visit Peter J. Vikesland | Civil & Environmental Engineering | Virginia Tech (

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