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Meet Scott Frohman, the CEO and founder of Odyssey Elixir. Scott is an entrepreneur with a passion for health and wellness. What began as an exploration of adaptogenic mushrooms turned into an all-out business venture when he realized the powerful results they produced. Now, he is on a mission to share these discoveries with the world – and the results are inspiring…

Scott has been involved in the natural products industry for years, so he knows a good supplement when he sees one. By harnessing the power of functional mushrooms, he has brought euphoria, clarity, and lasting energy to the wellness routines of many. What sets Odyssey Elixir apart from other energy beverage lines? Tune in to see for yourself!

Odyssey’s beverages offer holistic support with organic, delicious drinks infused with adaptogenic mushrooms like Lion’s Mane and Cordyceps, promoting Energy, Endurance, Focus, Immunity, and Mood. Enjoy flavors like passion fruit, orange, guava, and blackberry, and get 15% off your first order. Shop Now:

In this conversation, we cover:

  • What Scott’s background in business is, and what led him to start Odyssey Elixir.
  • How mushrooms can provide a more sustainable source of energy.
  • The ways that mushrooms can improve mood, clarity, and focus.
  • What cordyceps are, and how they impact the body and mind. 
  • How Odyssey compares to other energy drinks. 

To learn more about Scott and Odyssey Elixir, click here now

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