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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Are chemicals in your immediate environment the cause for specific adverse health implications of which you may have been previously unaware?

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Research shows that there may be a link between toxins common in objects in your home and ailments like cancer or other chronic diseases.

Listen in to learn:

  • How plasticizers affect brain development
  • The toxins common in food packaging
  • How to avoid buying potentially dangerous products

Associate Dean for Research at NC State University, Heather Patisaul, stops in for a conversation about her research into the chemicals surrounding you that you may not have known were even present.

Chemicals commonly found in treatments for furniture, textiles, and even present in dust in your house have been shown in animal models to cause extremely damaging reactions in your body. Like pesticides, flame retardant chemicals found in furniture and other possibly flammable items in your house have neurotoxic properties and may contain incredibly carcinogenic components.

For some of the chemical groups known to cause adverse effects, the half-life can be in the range of years and even decades.

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Using data collected from individuals and animals, convincing governments and individuals has become the focus of precautionary steps as we advance.

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