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How can you find out if the products chemicals you use are safe?

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The Toxics Use Reduction Institute works to make production safer and inform manufacturers and the public on chemical toxicity. Listen in to learn:

  • How many chemicals are used in manufacturing, and how many are cause for concern
  • What criteria make a product dangerous
  • How you can discover if products you are in contact with may be toxic

Professor Joel A. Tickner and lab specialist Alicia M.

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McCarthy discuss reducing toxic chemicals in manufacturing and households around the country.

Rather than identifying and banning dangerous chemicals, finding safer alternatives can be more beneficial in the long run. Many production companies do not have the in-house resources to do this research on their own.

By examining manufacturing and measuring trends in data, you can find a reduction of toxic chemical use in each state. In most cases, companies that found safer alternatives to use in manufacturing ended up saving money compared to companies that did not.

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