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Prior to becoming an assistant professor in the Department of Biology at Columbia Basin College, Dr. Zana Carver immersed herself in the world of biological research, where she learned a lot about the way chemicals move through and interact with the human body. But perhaps more than anything, her drive to become the author of The End of Chronic Fatigue sprang from her experience with the diagnosis of thyroid cancer, and the consequent surgery to remove her entire thyroid.

On today’s podcast, she discusses her experience as a patient on thyroid suppression hormone (TSH) for over ten years and what it was like to be taken off of TSH in the direction of her doctor. She also talks about the differences between T4 and T3 levels, recent research on and the relationship between chronic fatigue syndrome and low thyroid hormones, what happens to reverse T3 in our bodies when we’re under stress, misdiagnoses associated with thyroid problems, and a load of insight into the biochemistry of thyroid disorders.

Learn more by visiting, and find her book on Amazon.

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