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Peter Sullivan, founder of Clear Light Ventures, discusses his extensive work in the environmental health community.

Sullivan has been an important voice in the environmental health community for many years. His work has been heavily focused in many important areas, such as toxic metals screening, electromagnetic field safety and awareness, as well as the environmental factors that play a role in autism. His company, Clear Light Ventures, seeks to improve overall human health and functioning via the removal of environmental health threats.

Sullivan talks about the journey toward his current career in environmental health, discussing his own health issues as well as his children’s. He states that with chronic disease, by the time you notice symptoms, it’s usually many things not just one thing, that is impacting your health and how you feel. Sullivan talks about all the gadgets, wearables, and other electronic devices that we take for granted and utilize, but what could they be emitting, and how could they be impacting our health? Sullivan discusses mercury poisoning and its effects, as well as the health symptoms and effects of various environmental toxins.

Sullivan introduces the ways we can all reduce our exposure to environmental toxins. He explains that there are many things we can do, such as either turning off our smartphones at night, or making sure that they are not sitting right by our beds when we sleep. Something as simple as moving the device away from your bed area could help a great deal. As he explains, dropping exposure can be achieved by distance, the further away we move the device from our bodies, the more we decrease our exposure. Sullivan goes on to discuss sperm damage and potential DNA damage, and how wireless radiation could be one of the big suspects.

Sullivan talks about other ways we can keep ourselves safer. We can turn off phone chargers, routers, and anything that is receiving or emitting, that could be causing potential health issues. The environmental toxins expert goes into detail on some of the kinds of meters that are available on the market such as EMF meters and meters that measure wireless radiation, magnetic fields and electric fields, and other factors. All of these, along with dirty electricity, are to be avoided if at all possible. You can also seek out the help of an expert who specializes in the area and can make assessments for you in your home.

Sullivan’s work on detoxification and EMF has been featured in many current books and periodicals and he is a celebrated authority and expert in the field of environmental toxin exposure.


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