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Dr. Alan Christianson is one of America’s revered naturopathic physicians and the bestselling author of several books, including The Metabolism Reset Diet, the celebrated book that teaches its readers how to repair the liver, stop storing fat and lose weight naturally. Dr. Christianson, or Dr. C as many of his patients call him, provides an interesting overview of the many factors that influence good health.

Dr. Christianson is a naturopathic medical doctor, a specialist in natural endocrinology who focuses on thyroid disorders. He is extremely passionate about bringing life-changing medical information to his patients and the general public alike. Specifically, he discusses the power of diet and how it can absolutely affect your body’s hormones. An understanding of these issues provides insight into the many interrelated issues of diet, weight, and hormone balance.

The naturopathic physician talks about the personal journey that led him to his career path.

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Afflicted with cerebral palsy and seizures, abysmal coordination, and the onset of obesity, Dr. Christianson had many medical and physical struggles as a child. His struggles pushed him to learn more and shift his lifestyle, which led to a new physical life and career path as well. He talks about eating well, and being active, and discusses the studies in medical school that he found particularly intriguing, such as thyroid and adrenal problems.

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Hormones, endocrinology, and the connection points between lifestyle and health are the basis of his intensive study.

Dr. Christianson goes deep into an analysis of thyroid issues and explains the many problems that people can and do experience regularly. He talks about compounded thyroid medicines, and Dr. C discusses T3 in detail. As he states, T3 is a thyroid hormone that is often overlooked in basic lab work. And measuring T3 is critically important for understanding the complete functionality of the thyroid. He talks about the many medical issues that patients struggle with and how his doctors diagnose and treat the myriad of complex thyroid issues.

Dr. C underscores the importance of optimizing blood levels and taking a serious look at everything that patients are putting in their bodies, even down to the vitamins that they are taking, some of which could even block thyroid function for those being treated. From circadian rhythms to diet, hormones, and the importance of iodine, there are many impacting factors that will definitely influence health, and Dr. Christianson seeks to spread this important knowledge to everyone, to improve lives and health.

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