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In this episode, we sit down with Dr. Paul Zeitz, a preventive medicine physician, epidemiologist, author, and award-winning champion of global justice and human rights. For more than 35 years, Dr. Zeitz has been advocating, campaigning, and leading political movements aimed at achieving collective repair, justice, and peace. 

His latest crusade, #unifyUSA, was launched in 2023: a peaceful revolutionary political movement committed to co-creating a United States 2.0 through urgent constitutional renewal…

In his latest book, Revolutionary Optimism: Seven Steps for Living as a Love-Centered Activist, Dr. Zeitz shows readers how to break free from feelings of confusion, pessimism, and cynicism – and instead foster empowerment, resourcefulness, and inspiration.

From climate transformation to racial and gender equity, Dr. Zeitz has dedicated much of his career to helping others heal despite the conditions of our broken world. Want to find out how his work has influenced people across the globe? Join the conversation now!

Jump in to learn about:

  • How Dr. Zeitz’s work in advocacy and movement building has impacted the world. 
  • How extreme acts of kindness can impact those around you. 
  • The seven steps for living as a love-centered activist. 
  • What would happen if our government declared a climate emergency? 

To follow along with Dr. Zeitz and his important work, visit his website here!

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