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What makes the microplastic problem so hard to solve? With Varied sizes and states, this range of particles requires an interdisciplinary solution. Listen up to learn:

  • Why the microplastics problem requires a varied approach
  • If nanoparticles’ charge affects their ability to be broken down
  • The factors that impact the degradation of microplastics

Orlin Velev and Nathan Crook of NC State University share their interdisciplinary work to begin offering solutions to the problem of microplastics and nanoparticles in the environment.

Microplastics in the ocean have been causing issues for the environment far beyond what we understood in recent history. However, a solution is challenging to find since the problem cannot only be approached from one discipline.

Through the combination of efforts from various fields, new solutions are being tested and implemented in multiple environments. However, the ocean presents a unique problem since so many factors play a role in the degradation of plastics.

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