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What are the new relationships thought to be between cancer and evolution? Cancer can be considered in a new light by accepting a new definition and possible set of interactions.

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  • Why all may not be well in evolutionary theory
  • What Julian Huxley may have gotten wrong
  • How the immune system can offer clues about cancer

Denis Noble, a member of the Department of Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetics at the University of Oxford, shares his view of the new links between Darwinism and cancer that may revolutionize the field.

It has been known that mutations play a role in cancer for a great while, but in recent years, the style of mutations has hinted at new lines of thinking. These new lines of thought have even caused a possible shift in the current and widely accepted theory of evolution.

By assuming that control of the tumor only arises out of genetic sequencing, it is possible that the current method of examination may be short-sighted. After understanding the genome first, researchers also need to consider the downstream ramifications of the formation and operation of cancerous tumors.

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