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Can acupuncture bring the relief you may seek? For pain, stress, mental health, and chronic issues, the vast array of benefits can bring an end to the struggles you face. Listen up to learn:

  • How acupuncture can help the body
  • The physical mechanisms behind acupuncture
  • Why some folks may resist acupuncture treatment

Dr. Jannine Krause, a naturopathic doctor, acupuncturist, and host of The Health Fix Podcast, shares her lifetime of work as an acupuncturist, helping to bring patients to the relief sought.

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The modern world of medicine has failed many folks, who have turned to Eastern and traditional medicine for answers. Using acupuncture needles, blood flow and attention can be brought to specific parts of the body, assisting in body-to-brain signaling.

Additionally, cupping, gua sha, and other techniques used in concert can bring additional relief for stubborn problems.

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Even if the initial issue has been solved, consistent treatments periodically can keep the body and mind healthy.

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