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How can identifying pathogens make a difference in evidence-based treatment? By examining the genome, researchers may be able to identify and fight the current threat more effectively by diagnosing first.

Listen in to learn:

  • What MiQLab Accomplishes
  • How to convince clinicians to prescribe only what is necessary
  • How many tests are currently available

Dr. Jack Regan, CEO of LexaGene, shares his work identifying the future biothreats the human and veterinary population may face.

While biothreats may seem like a pending threat for the developing world, there may be a broader goal. By examining the genome, MiQLab can assist point-of-need genetic testing for contaminants without an infected individual present.

It can also be incredibly challenging for clinicians to diagnose individuals facing health issues and complications properly. However, by assisting with evidence-based medical care, adequate care can be recognized for patients with as little invasiveness as possible.

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