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Hannah Crum, “The Kombucha Mamma,” is an author, a master brewer, Kombucha Kamp founder, educator, commercial consultant, and general kombucha ambassador.

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In this podcast, Crum discusses her passion for kombucha and why she wants to share it with the world.

Crum talks about her background and experiences that led her to become obsessed with kombucha, in a good way. She recounts the story of visiting a friend who was brewing kombucha, which made an impression on her, and upon returning home she began to see the somewhat sour beverage popping up in organic stores everywhere. She was hooked.

Crum talks about the old days when people regularly made their own foods and beverages, and how we have gotten away from that, but maybe need to get back to it! As Crum explains, kombucha is essentially fermented tea at its foundation. She explains the living culture in kombucha. She talks about some of the worries that home brewers have regarding mold. But she explains that it is very easy actually to know if there is mold and when to get rid of a batch if need be.

Crum explains that most people already have what they need to get started with a home brew venture, such as tea, sugar, jars, tightly woven cloth covers, etc. What people will probably not have, she states, is the scoby, which is a syntrophic mixed culture comprised of yeast and bacteria. But she says that there are many ways to get this, either from Crum’s
website or other ways.

Crum discusses the differences between concentrate forms of kombucha and traditional home brewed kombucha. And as she explains, the home brewed kombucha is generally more potent, and you can control freshness and other issues when you brew yours at home.

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Since 2004, Crum has been brewing kombucha and educating the public about this healthy “longevity elixir.” You can find more information about Crum and the powerfully potent, good for the gut, kombucha at her website (www.

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