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Are genetically modified food products the best option you have when shopping for food? Emerging research shows that there may be better choices both for your health and for the environment.

Listen up to learn:

  • The origin of GMO foods
  • How glyphosate interacts within the environment
  • How GMO fish impacts the environment

Expert in his field, Dr. Bill McGraw, lends his experience with GMO research and its implications on the long-term health of individuals around the world.

Originally thought to have no negative repercussions to consumer health, genetically modified products seemed to be the key to many logistic problems plaguing produce manufacturers. However, in the years since their introduction, GMO products have begun to show their true colors.

Without proper labeling required in supermarkets, it can be challenging to determine if a product is genetically modified or comes into contact with other GMO products. GMO salmon or salmon fed with GMO ingredients can leave lasting impacts on the environment by spreading plasmids throughout the area.

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