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Health and wellness can be approached in a variety of ways, and recently, “taboo” substances like cannabis are being more widely researched and accepted – much to the benefit of those who are using it as a form of therapeutic medicine. 

Joining us today to discuss his work in this booming industry is Joseph Sheehey. Joseph is the Founder and CEO of Cured Nutrition, a company that uses cannabinoids, mushrooms, and adaptogens to elevate the mind, body, and spirit of the consumer. 

As a former NASA-contributing aerospace engineer, Joseph’s career path changed when he started focusing on health and wellness to bring genuine fulfillment to his life and others. Out of this lifestyle shift came Cured Nutrition, a project created with the intention of rebranding cannabis to help those who can truly benefit from using it… 

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Jump in to uncover:

  • The current role of cannabis in the fitness industry. 
  • The different types of THC compounds that are on the market, and the importance of using cannabis in its natural form.
  • The difference between hemp and marijuana. 
  • How to safely buy CBD products from different sources. 

To find out more about Joseph and his work with Cured Nutrition, click here now! 

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