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How can the cast number of microplastics seeping into the environment be mitigated?
Through possible legislation and better product design, it is still possible to turn the situation around. Listen up to learn:

  • How microplastics are classified
  • How product design can help stop the production of microplastics
  • What stands in the way of legislation to alleviate the problem

Richard Thompson, a Professor and Director of the Marine Institute at Plymouth University, shares his work combatting the effects of microplastics in the environment.

Though recent efforts have made incremental progress, microplastics and the degradation of plastic remain significant problems. For example, even the microbeads of plastic in wash-off cosmetics take a tremendous toll on the environment.

However, there is still hope with a more conscious product design process in concert with governmental intervention.
Still, there is much work to do to get government agencies to step in and intervene to produce more beneficial policies.

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