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Maximilian Freiermuth, CEO of Genesis Cloud ( discusses the accelerating market of cloud computing, services, advantages, and the future of public clouds in the marketplace. Maximilian Freiermuth has a serious goal—to make Genesis Cloud the largest public cloud on the market. He discusses the birth of Genesis as it rose from the founders of Genesis Mining who provided the necessary resources to start and scale their revolution in cloud computing. Genesis Mining is a powerful leader in the bitcoin mining space. In bitcoin mining, ‘miners’ purchase computing chips that are designed specifically for the process and they use them to run the specially crafted software. The software essentially forces the system to engage in and complete complex and difficult calculations, and when the process goes as planned, these miners are rewarded with bitcoin for their efforts.

Freiermuth’s company, Genesis Cloud, is focused on achieving tremendous growth, and its roots are firmly planted in hardware accelerated computing, as well as cryptocurrency and blockchain services. As they state, they have a variety of the largest GPU data centers in the world and they are bringing them together with an advanced, modern infrastructure for applications in machine learning, and select hardware accelerated applications as well.

Freiermuth discusses cryptocurrency mining and the general assumptions people make, some of which are correct and some incorrect. He talks about the importance of keeping operating costs low in order to be profitable in the space. And he details the costs of building data centers that can achieve the results necessary for growth. Freiermuth provides an overview of their services regarding infrastructure, etc., from renting computers within their existing data centers to use and direct at one’s discretion, to rendering, such as with studio movies, etc. that require long renders to create visual scenes, which would be a more service-oriented task. And with the latter, the cost savings can be incredible as cloud-generated rendering of computer graphic scenes can sometimes be produced at a significantly lower cost than creating scenes in a real-life setting.

The cloud computing authority discusses some of the supercomputing conferences that they will be attending and their goals for future progress and advances. One clear benefit for smaller companies is that they can take advantage of the expanding AI opportunities in business by utilizing Genesis Cloud’s computing power. By partnering in this way with Genesis Cloud, smaller companies will not need to incur risky capital expenditures for purchasing massive computing equipment themselves.

Freiermuth hopes to find new ways to offer services and support to the many individuals and companies that can certainly benefit by utilizing public clouds. And the Genesis Cloud team feels that no idea is ever too big to be considered, and they continually push themselves to advance and grow, as leaders in the booming cloud industry.

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