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Health coach, author, and top-ranking podcast host Abel James discusses his journey towards health and fitness. When you listen in, you’ll hear

  • How a health crisis in his twenties led to today’s healthy approach,
  • What his personal daily eating habits are in terms of interval fasting, and
  • Tips on starting a similar path for your own health and fitness goals.

Abel James hosts the popular podcast Fat Burning Man, writes a blog, and has published several books including The Wild Diet. In this conversation, he shares why he first decided to shift away from popular eating trends towards a direction that made more sense for what his body was telling him. As he turned away from the carb-loading habit runner’s magazines were advising and embraced whole foods, he found a dramatically different health and fitness level. 

He talks about the fear-based approach mainstream voices lend to eating choices as well as the circular nature of eating processed foods and experiencing increased cravings for more unhealthy foods. Abel notes that when we step back and eat more as our grandparents might have with a focus on less processed ingredients and more substance, we end up healthier.

He also brings in how this different eating emphasis lends itself to interval fasting. By eating more satisfying foods that don’t induce craving, ultimately he’s able to spend less time eating and more time being active and productive. 

For more, see his web page at, which links to his blog, podcasts, and books. It also provides a way to contact him for coaching opportunities and links to courses.

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