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What if viruses didn’t actually exist? What if bacteria and fungi didn’t actually cause disease? Most people dream of a world where this is the case, but it might already be.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why everything you think you know about viruses and germ theory may be wrong
  • What Dr. Kaufman sees as the only four drivers of illness
  • Why over the last century, no cures for diseases have been found; only medications that reduce symptoms and must be taken on a long-term or lifelong basis
  • Which organizations fund almost all medical research, and why scientists are beholden to research only the objectives set by the people at the top, like Dr. Fauci
  • How watching TV changes your brain waves, and makes you more receptive to the messages you hear

Dr. Andrew Kaufman is a forensic psychiatrist and natural healing consultant, who even before COVID-19, was gearing up to begin publicly criticizing mainstream medicine.

When COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the WHO, Dr. Kaufman knew something serious was going on, and began putting his forensic training to work by examining the literature and evidence trail behind all the claims being made in mainstream media.

Through years of research, beginning long before COVID-19, Dr. Kaufman has discovered something that most people wouldn’t even believe: not a single scientific study on any known illness has ever actually purified a virus out of a sick person.

Papers that claim to have discovered viruses point to the particles put out by dying and diseased cells through a basic biological process called exocytosis. Based only on this finding, countless scientists have drawn the conclusion that viruses cause infection, when in fact, their experiments could not possibly show this. As a result, it can truly be said that viruses have not been proven to exist by scientific experiment.

Over the past century, billions of dollars have been spent researching germs and viruses as the causes of illness, with no success. “While all this frivolous research has been going on to support a devoid theory, there’s been almost no research looking for true causes of disease,” says Dr. Kaufman.

He shares a story of a microbiology professor who grew a pure culture of vibrio cholerae, the bacteria that is supposedly the cause of cholera, a deadly illness that kills a lot of people in developing countries. This professor, on a yearly basis, would swallow this bacterium in front of his classes to show that he would not get ill. And indeed, he never got ill. It has since been shown that cholera is caused by the waste products of vibrio cholerae, which are produced when the bacteria metabolize sewage. The toxic waste product—NOT the bacterium itself—is the cause of illness and death.

Dr. Kaufman also explains how the existence of microbiomes contradicts germ theory, why it is nearly impossible for scientists to research topics of their own choosing, what intentions he believes are driving the COVID-19 “pandemic” and response, and how the combined use of hypnosis through repeated false messaging in the media, psychological conditioning, and fear is successfully manipulating the way people are thinking and behaving in response to COVID-19.

He also talks about areas in the world where people are being incarcerated or detained for not wearing a mask or simply taking a walk outside (and whether this level of control will come to the U.S.), the implications of the recent CDC statement that those who are vaccinated can attend in-person gatherings, why so many people aren’t willing to accept the truth, and more.

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