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Can genes be recoded to help treat cancer cells and tumors?

New mRNA research shows that solid tumor treatment may benefit from forming gene circuits.

Press play to learn:

  • How cellular specificity is achieved
  • Why mRNA has to be coded to avoid an immune response
  • What role silencing RNA plays in therapeutics

CEO of Strand Therapeutics, Jake Becraft, stops by to discuss his research into genetic coding and how mRNA therapeutic techniques may be used to treat solid tumor cancers.

Using decision gates and other techniques present in early computers, the new therapy can differentiate between cells that need treatment and those that do not.

This information is coded into the sequencing of the mRNA, which becomes its operating instructions.

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New research is improving the resistance to cellular immune responses triggered by the mRNA’s presence, improving therapeutic efficacy. Becraft plans on beginning human trials in 2022 and then moving on to other forms of solid-tumor cancers.

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