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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Charlie Bailes, Founder and CEO of CB Supplements (, delivers an overview of the many types of supplements we can add into our lives to improve general health.

Bailes talks about his background and what led him to launch the company. He explains how the birth of his first child, who suffered many types of childhood illnesses, motivated him to look at life, and health, differently.

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After many visits to asthma doctors, various pediatricians, and emergency rooms, Bailes knew that he had to do his own research to find another path to improve his daughter’s ailing health. Bailes read over a hundred books and engaged in extensive research, and he began to form opinions based on what he’d learned. He made the connection between health and food and began experimenting with dietary changes for himself first, to see how he would be impacted. After much experimentation he found the way, and introducing certain dietary changes into his daughter’s diet had a drastic impact—improving her health immensely.

Collagen, Bailes states, was a huge piece of the puzzle, and one of the many factors in his daughter’s, and his own, health improvement.

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Bailes believes that collagen could be the missing food group within our daily diet. He believes that collagen should be in a group by itself, equal to other important ones such as fats, carbs, and protein. As collagen is a specific type of protein found naturally in our own bodies, in our skin, hair, nails, muscles, tendons, bones, blood vessels and even our digestive system, its importance to the body is undeniable.

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Bailes talks about his path to launching CB Supplements. He details the health benefits of bone broth and some of the other ingredients that are in his supplements. As Bailes explains, our diets are extremely important for our metabolic health and many of the illnesses that are plaguing society today could perhaps be eliminated or at least diminished by making dramatic dietary improvements. He expounds on his own personal benefits from the daily intake of collagen, and how it makes him experience less pain and feel much better overall. Collagen has an incredible amount of benefits in general. With aging, collagen production slows and this can produce wrinkles, as well as many general aches and pains within our bodies. It reduces our hair density, creates skin problems and for some—creates a nagging leaky gut situation.

Wrapping up, Bailes talks about the many and various health-improvement products and supplements that his company offers. And he talks about his passion for helping others improve their health.

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