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Today we speak with Thomas Stanton, an AXA Research Fund Fellow at Loughborough University. In this episode, Thomas educates us on plastics, microplastics, and anthropogenic materials.

Thomas’s interest in microplastic and plastic pollution stemmed from media coverage of the problem – particularly how our environment is being affected by it. Presently, Thomas has zeroed in his research on textile fiber pollution: the contaminates that come from our clothing as we use and wash it. 

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Join us now to discover:

  • How clothing and other textiles lose their fibers, and where they end up.
  • Varieties of clothing that tend to shed more material and pose greater environmental risks.
  • How textile fibers move through freshwater systems.

What are the physical and chemical risks associated with this type of pollution? Thomas is determined to find out…

Click here to learn more about Thomas’s research!

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