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Andrew Smith Lewis, co-founder, and CEO of Cerego ( delivers an informative overview of the ways we learn and how technology and AI is improving learning and increasing retention. Lewis’s passion for research was spawned at the Bronx High School of Science, and it was his insatiable curiosity for learning that carried him on to become one of the founders of Cerego’s learning method. Lewis and his team launched Cerego to create an open platform that could improve memory and quantify knowledge.

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His obsession with advanced learning was the motivation behind his successful launch of three education and technology companies, including the notable Princeton Review of Japan.

As Lewis states, their mission is to make people smarter and improve learning through the use of AI and cognitive science. Lewis’s company, Cerego, is an advanced platform that can successfully drive a business or collaborative team’s training, learning, and skill set acquisition opportunities.

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Simple to use, yet multidimensional within, Cerego’s platform reinvents the basic elements of learning software by focusing on precisely how people learn as opposed to what they learn, for a more immersive learning experience that gets results. Cerego is revolutionizing the learning and training process for many companies and universities, and others are coming forward steadily to adapt Cerego’s successful platform for their teams. Lewis explains the importance of meta-cognition and the concept that very smart people may not necessarily be efficient learners, and Lewis intends to improve learning for everyone with his technology.

The platform’s algorithms deliver a schedule that efficiently guides learning for each individual, to help them achieve the maximum success in a manner that works for them by integrating detailed learning data, detailed scientific models of memory decay, and of course—the individual’s own personal learning history. Cerego users have achieved stellar results, as Cerego utilizes evidence-supported cognitive science algorithms working at the root of the platform to deliver instructional and quiz content to users at the right time, before the information is forgotten, which supports their learning and increases retention.

Lewis discusses the error corrective model, which is essential the platform’s ability to learn and improve how it delivers its information pursuant to each individual’s unique process. And he expounds upon some of the specific advantages, such as success rates for users and how in addition to the elevated number of users who now pass their tests more easily and quickly, their retention of the learned information is greatly increased as well.

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Additionally, instructors are reducing training time and repurposing that time on more one-on-one personal student interactions.

Lewis discusses the company’s focus on K-12 education, higher education, corporate, and government applications. Lewis explains how higher learning through technology teaching methods helps to create better, more satisfied employees and more successful, empowered students. Additionally, employers can access the learning data on individual employees, which can help employers place their employees into specific job functions, tasks, and areas in which they are best suited and will excel.

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