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Until now, the products marketed for various stages of childhood have been designed in a generic, one-size-fits-all way that ignores critical stages of growth and development. But things are done differently at SmiloBaby, a direct consumer baby and child brand that’s backing the design of its products with science in order to create the safest, most innovative, and most effective products.

As the CEO and co-founder of SmiloBaby, Joshua Weisman explains their two core products, the first of which is a palette support pacifier. Using finite element analysis to study how generic pacifiers deform in the mouth during use and lead to malocclusions and crossbites, the team at SmiloBaby has created a pacifier that supports the palette during the first 16 weeks of life when it grows by 30 percent. The second core product is a feeding bottle with a patented valve and nipple shape that’s been designed based on finite element analysis and a study of fluid dynamics. The result? A bottle that reduces air intake, thereby preventing common problems that result from generic bottles, such as ear infections, colic, and gas ingestion.

With a team comprised of pediatricians, pediatric dentists, and lactation consultants, parents can feel confident that they’re giving their child the best when they buy from SmiloBaby. Tune in to learn about their other products, and visit to make some purchases of your own.

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