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Ron Spence, MBA, noted research scientist, and Barbara Turner, celebrated holistic health coach and author, discuss the amazing quantum energy mobile app that is impacting lives and creating a swirl of excitement due to its incredible potential.

Turner discusses her broad background in nutrition and health, including her early writing of e-books that dealt with health issues that her personal family members or friends had experienced. Upon discovering a particular email that gave an overview of an energy biofeedback app, she became intrigued to dig deeper into the nexus of health, and app technology. She outlines the Limbic Arc, touted as one of “the world’s first quantum-energy wellness products managed with the click of an app.”

Turner gives an overview of how users subscribe and access the Limbic Arc that gives them access to 150 unique, quantum-energy wellness products, including valuable training from leaders within the Limbic Arc system. The 15-year-old parent company that is the source of origin of Limbic Arc works with literally thousands of physicians and healthcare professionals around the world and seeks to take this groundbreaking new technology to the public for the first time ever.

Spence, who is a master affiliate at Limbic Arc, elaborates on how their technology offering is centered on quantum theory. He recounts some previous remarks by Tesla that speak about a non-physical phenomenon, and underscore the value of Limbic Arc. Spence explains the origination of Limbic Arc by Dr.

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Vaughn Cook and his early experiences with the platform. He talks about the ear-ringing (tinnitus) problem that he has had for many years, and how the Limbic Arc platform helped him to access energy that eliminated the problem almost immediately. Spence details the biochemical exchange and how information energy exists at the subatomic level.

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He gives an analysis of his theory about cellular receptors as they relate to disease and illness, and explains the many problems with blockages within the body, sometimes brought on by toxins and other agents that block micronutrients.

The Limbic Arc has two major parts: a library of valuable information fields that exist in the internet cloud—logarithmic expressions assigned a link with items in the physical world as done by a specialized, proprietary system; and the other part is the app in which users can access and then manage their unique library of Limbic Arc products, called InfoBoosts.

The energy expert, Spence, details how the quantum field works, and the specifics of the limbic system. He states that many of our problems are related to a deficiency in something. He details the importance of breaking blockages and how the app can immediately connect users to energy that can sometimes provide dramatic changes in their lives.

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Ultimately, Spence states, there are many things that live in our subconscious mind that can be very beneficial to our lives and well-being if we learn how to harvest them.

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