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“Tapping…works so well and so quickly because we’re actually speaking to the survival system in its native language…it’s listening to your body, it’s not listening to your thoughts…or all the strategies you have or all the skills you’ve built—it doesn’t care about those things,” explains Rachelle McCloud.

She’s describing the emotional freedom technique, which has not only transformed her life but the lives of so many of her clients.

Tune in to discover:

  • How EFT mitigates the internal conflict between your body’s survival system and your ability to heal emotionally.
  • The important difference between chemical communication and energetic or electrical communication in the body.
  • Fight, flight, freeze, faint, fawn: The most common ways our bodies respond to stress.

Rachelle McCloud is a mental health therapist who has spent years helping people work through anxiety, depression, and trauma disorders with an unconventional technique that in many ways is similar to acupuncture. It’s called emotional freedom technique and is commonly referred to simply as “tapping.”

McCloud describes how to use the technique, why it works, and so much more.

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