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Is your unconscious really in the driver’s seat without you knowing it? Jungian psychology may hold answers to more than we know. Press play to learn:

  • the meaning of a synchronicity
  • how externalization can be harmful
  • how a shadow teacher can help you

Dr. Joanna LaPrade, an Author and Registered Psychotherapist, discusses her view of psychology through the lens of Carl Jung and how we may all benefit from it.

Many of the feelings and ways we have of dealing with trauma may not originate from where we have previously thought. Externalizing issues and viewing our personality on the surface level can be highly ungrounding and harmful to our psyches.

Through remaining mindful and paying attention to our subconscious, we may find solutions to issues that our ego did not want to accept previously. While the lessons may not always be easy to learn, but once they are, they can continually benefit us going forward.

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