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In this episode, we chat with Dr. Michael MacKenzie, an Assistant Professor at The University of Pittsburgh.

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Dr. MacKenzie holds a Ph.D. in political science, and has done extensive work focusing on the dynamic connections between democracy and the people within it. Dr. MacKenzie joins us to share his passion for political science by touching on important subjects such as democracy, deliberation, and collective action. 

Listen now to explore: 

  • Dr. MacKenzie’s research consisting of “new ways to do democracy”.
  • How having citizen participation in societal decision-making could strengthen a democracy.
  • What randomly selected assemblies are, and how they may provide insight into how certain policies affect the population. 
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What makes a democracy a democracy? Dr. MacKenzie addresses this question and others like it in this interesting discussion about our social and political world

To learn more about Dr. MacKenzie and his research, click here.

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