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It’s fascinating to consider the complexities that exist within the world of birds.

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Their behavior and ability to communicate with intricate songs is continuing to captivate researchers to this day.

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In this podcast, we sit down with Dr. Dominique Potvin. Dr. Potvin is a Senior Lecturer in Animal Ecology at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, and conducts extensive research on the evolution of vocalizations in animals as well as the impact anthropogenic activities have on vertebrate populations. 

By tuning in, you can learn about:

  • Dr. Potvin’s background, and what led to her interest in animal behavior.
  • How human-generated noise impacts birds. 
  • The intricacies that exist within birdsongs.
  • Why birds in cities sing differently than birds in rural areas. 
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To learn more about Dr. Potvin and her research, visit and follow her on Twitter!

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