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We think about heart disease prevention, but what about bone health? Margie Bissinger brings listeners numerous bone health boosters and facts, keeping listeners flexible and stronger.

Listen and learn

  • What two components designate porous bones as well as the mechanics of bone structure,
  • How to keep your bones healthy, from good bone health vitamins to ways to seek bone density testing, and
  • Why it’s important to identify the root cause of osteoporosis as you seek treatment.

Margie Bissinger is the host of the Happy Bones, Happy Life podcast. She’s a physical therapist, author, nutritionist, and health coach with an expertise in orthopedic physical therapy. Years ago, a group of doctors asked her to focus on struggling osteoporosis patients and the experience opened her eyes to how patients didn’t even know where to start.

She started working on a state level in New Jersey with osteoporosis outreach programs and wrote a book to reach a nationwide audience. As she continued researching, adding more knowledge about bone health nutrition, she realized the degree to which our actions can have an impact.

Bone health actually starts in childhood, she says, by exercising, jumping, and getting forces through our bones with any type of resistance. This extends to exercise at all ages, especially moves that “load the bones.” When we’re older, it’s important to seek bone health exercise guidance, however, as some studies show difference in flexion versus extension of the spine and fracture correlations.

Margie also provides very helpful information about the kinds of testing and tools available to determine bone density and what questions to ask your doctor. She emphasizes finding out any root cause to bone loss and osteoporosis and describes how functional medicine can address such causes.

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