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As Dr. Ali Tavakkoli performed more and more gastric bypass surgeries, he made a remarkable discovery: for patients who had diabetes, the gastric bypass surgery almost invariably reversed the symptoms within a day or two, completely eliminating their dependence on medication for blood glucose regulation. Simply put, it seemed as though they’d figured out how to cure type 2 diabetes. Intrigued and excited by this observation, Dr. Tavakkoli made it his mission to figure out why this was happening. What was responsible for the mechanism underlying this effect, and how exactly did this mechanism work? Could the effects of gastric bypass surgery be replicated and enjoyed in a non-invasive way, such as by simply taking a pill? According to Dr. Tavakkoli, the answer is yes, and that pill is referred to as LuCI.

In this podcast, you will discover:

  • Where the name “LuCI” comes from and how exactly it works
  • Why and how gastric bypass surgery seems to cure type 2 diabetes
  • What percentage of people who qualify for gastric bypass surgery actually have the procedure done

Tune in for all the details.

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