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Dina Zielinski from NY Genome talks about storing data using DNA – not traditional hard drives – and it’s amazing what nature can do that human engineering (until now) can not.

Losing data stored on flash drives, hard disks, USBs and on computer servers may become a thing of the past with DNA storage.

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At NY genome, Dina has successfully managed to encode and decode data stored onto a strand of DNA.

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Incredible, but true.

This project has the possibility of storing 215,000 times more data in 1 gram of DNA, compared to a 1 Terabyte Hard Disk.

Unfortunately, the process is not ready for commercial use, and encoding costing roughly $7,000. Decoding plus reading the data costing about $2,000, and a $9k price tag isn’t viable.

Will DNA storage ever be cost effective and retrievable quickly? That is for you to decide but don’t forget how the first computer was even larger than the room you are in right now.

The future holds great secrets for us to explore so stay in the know about future tech at
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