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In Evolution 2.0, author Perry Marshall doesn’t take a side in the Darwinism-Creationism debate. He takes his own, third side: the Perry Marshall side. Electrical engineer Marshall doubts Darwin’s theory of evolution, but not as a traditional Creationist. For him, there is a still better explanation for the origin of life on earth… one heretofore undiscovered by either side of the current debate.

In Marshall’s estimation, evolution—as it’s taught in schools today—has been corrupted into something that is a.) accidental, and b.) inter-generational. For Marshall, evolution is very purposeful. Even intentional. And furthermore, it’s something that affects an organism in real time—not simply between generations. In other words, for Marshall, evolution is not incompatible with God. There could be an all-powerful God who oversees the adaption of all life on the planet.

If you’re a Creationist, the party line is that evolution is a hoax. If you’re pro-Evolution, you say there cannot be a God. Perry Marshall asks, Why not both? Perry Marshall’s God is powerful enough to do that.

Here is what you’ll learn in this episode:

  • What the origins of life on earth might actually be
  • How Perry Marshall has scientifically validated the existence of God
  • What the scientific implications of a God might be

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