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Today, we are once again joined by Benson Agbortogo, an investor, profit consultant, and author of The Business System That Never Fails. As a devout Christian and successful business coach, Benson is also the Founder and CEO of Consistent Profit Tree – a company that helps others generate consistent profit from a Biblical perspective. 

Combining business and spirituality can be tricky. In the case of Benson, he promotes the harmony of the two. He believes that developing a healthy relationship with God is the key to living both a personally and professionally fulfilling life.  

In this episode, Benson sits down to discuss:

  • The difference between being a child and a son of God. 
  • The importance of “eating spiritual food”.
  • How to discover your purpose in the world. 
  • The true definition of love. 

To connect with Benson and his work, visit this website now!

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