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Prasanna Singaraju, engineering chief and CTO of Qentelli (, provides an overview of how Qentelli’s solutions are delivering a new standard in quality engineering and DevOps for Continuous Delivery. Continuous Delivery is a DevOps software development practice in which code changes are built, tested, and prepared for release into production. Singaraju states that Qentelli helps companies re-engineer their applications that are built upon existing, older technology stacks. He discusses how they utilize DevOpps (a software engineering practice that seeks to unify software development and software operation) and automated testing.

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Singaraju has a wealth of experience in radio-frequency engineering and infrastructure, data, communications, quality assurance, and project management. As CTO, he brings a passionate interest in sustainable innovation, application engineering, and value-driven solutions to Qentelli.

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Singaraju has an illustrious background in his industry and has a strong reputation as an integrator and world leader in IT, product and program management, as well as customer support.

Qentelli’s focus is on the nexus of quality engineering and intelligence, and Singaraju leads their innovations group with an active approach to the design and implementation of the various solutions and products they deliver. The company seeks to offer high-end software development and quality assurance to bring higher level applications to businesses.

Singaraju discusses Qentelli’s goal of assisting companies, with higher speed delivery of applications for their operations. From banking to retail, airlines to restaurants, Qentelli’s solutions are practical and usable for many industries.

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He provides details of their successful transformations for businesses, and how they are able to improve feedback and increase the quality of applications. Starting with ecommerce all the way through to back-of-store, point of sale systems, to payment, Qentelli delivers end-to-end solutions for business application success.

Singaraju describes many of the problems that businesses face in this space, and how Qentelli’s solutions apply. He states that any business that utilizes applications to serve their customers is a business that they can help improve. Singaraju outlines their multi-level approach, which includes examination of a company’s overall processes, technology, and methods of implementation. And Singaraju details the specifics of bringing real-time, absolute visibility into the quality assessment as a means to achieve predictable outcomes in the overall application lifecycle.

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