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Jessica Chang, co-founder, and CEO of Wee Care ( delivers an informative overview of the current state of childcare and how quality day care services are desperately in demand. Chang’s Wee Care Preschool has established a successful early childhood program for children 3 months to 6 years of age. Their comprehensive curriculum provides strong academics, creative play, as well as physical activities, all within a warm, safe, and nurturing environment. Their stimulating, structured program ensures quality interaction between the children and their teachers, as well as child to child. Children can learn valuable social skills as they interact with one another.

Chang states that Wee Care helps parents find quality, affordable, convenient care. Additionally, they assist preschool teachers, caregivers, and stay-at-home moms who seek to start their own licensed home daycare center, as Wee Care’s online technology platform provides the structure they need to succeed. Chang discusses the rising cost of day care for parents, and also the low pay caregivers often receive, and her concern for all parties involved. Chang’s desire is to solve the problems on both sides. Chang’s, Wee Care, offers best practices advice and support, and assists with setting up the foundation for new daycare center operators. Wee Care can provide structural support to newly formed daycares and thus decrease the administrative time for operators. This allows many who choose to work with Wee Care in this manner to operate their daycare and still have another career.

The Wee Care Preschool environment offers many opportunities for learning new skills during various activities. Group activities, circle time, play time in designated play areas, science centers, and individual teacher/student skill building are all part of the program.

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Wee Care focuses on pre-math and reading readiness throughout the day at each of the classroom levels.

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Also, climber time and outdoor play activities provide physical movement and important motor skill development.

Chang gives an overview of the trends in daycare, and she details how more and more women are starting their own businesses. She discusses how technology and the desire to control your own time has motivated many people to seek employment that works for them, on their schedule, by their own rules. Thus, Wee Care is experiencing tremendous growth as individuals are enthusiastically taking on new challenges and opening home businesses.

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The daycare and child development expert provides information on licensing and the standards that new daycare operators must meet in order to be approved. She underscores the advantages of working with Wee Care, as caregivers can focus on what they love, which is working with children and teaching them, while Wee Care handles the administrative obstacles that may seem daunting to some new business owners. She states the importance of curriculum, and how Wee Care takes the stress out of this by providing the curriculum in advance so caregivers and teachers can simply implement it. Finally, Chang outlines the importance of cultural diversity and languages, and how they enrich the learning experience for children overall.

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