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Janet Bennett, Speech Pathologist and founder of I Just Want To Sleep (, provides an overview of her innovative treatment that can help people achieve more relaxing sleep.

Bennett is a successful Speech Pathologist with a private practice in beautiful Asheville, North Carolina. She is passionate about her work as it is very personal and rewarding. Imagine helping someone learn to speak again after having a stroke. Imagine the joy a mother experiences as her brain-damaged child speaks to her for the very first time. These are powerful moments and Bennett takes pride in her work helping others.

Bennett talks about her background and discusses her innovative program. She states that she’s been in the business of speech pathology for over 40 years and for the past 25 of those years she has specialized in treating tongue thrust. She discusses treatment and some of the various problems that can develop due to tongue thrust, such as buck teeth or an
open bite. The key is that tongue thrust can cause someone to swallow incorrectly. She recounts the amazing story of a 14-year old football player who had come to her for treatment, and how, to his family’s surprise, her treatment ended his thunderous snoring.

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He acknowledged that his treatment had not only eliminated his snoring problem, but that he was more focused, was now making better grades at school, and he had even improved his speed on the field. This particular case was a true epiphany for the veteran speech pathologist, and marked the beginning of her work specifically to treat snoring.

Bennett explains mouth breathing, and how tongue exercises can train your tongue to live at the roof of your mouth, forcing you to breathe more naturally through your nose. She discusses nitric oxide, which helps regulate the body and rejuvenates the body, and is produced by breathing through one’s nose.

Bennett discusses how she made a checklist of various conditions that her patients suffered from, such as dry mouth, restless leg syndrome, sweating, heartburn, insomnia, high blood pressure, etc. After treatment, she says 94% of people stopped snoring. She explains her exercise program and how it is implemented. Bennett’s IJustWantToSleep® program is unique. It’s a tongue exercise program that has been proven to stop troublesome snoring that is due to mouth breathing and also incorrect tongue position.

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