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Snoring is so common these days that some people either think it’s normal or just learn to live with it, but many encounter all kinds of problems as a result of snoring, including relationships and serious health problems.

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When Erin Elliott began asking her dental patients how they sleep at night and whether or not they snore, she was given a lot of strange looks.

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That was 10 years ago when the connection between dental signs and symptoms weren’t really considered to have anything to do with sleep or snoring.

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Today, many more dentists are acknowledging how they are intertwined and integrating this understanding into their practice.

Erin Elliott is a dentist who is so well known for this that many of her patients are referred to her for snoring problems by physicians or existing patients. On today’s episode, she discusses the varying causes and effects of snoring and how essential it is to identify the cause before implementing a snoring treatment, what kinds of dental signs and symptoms indicate the presence of a sleep or breathing problem, what’s happening physiologically when someone snores, and so much more.

By tuning in, you will discover:

  • How and why snoring can lead to tooth decay and poor gum health
  • Why losing weight could significantly improve snoring for one person, and not make a difference for another
  • Surgical, therapeutic, and lifestyle changes which could help reduce snoring.

Learn more by tuning in and emailing your questions to

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