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We’ve all been there: wrestling with that conundrum of what to order off the menu, and feeling unable to decide which sounds the best while trying to visualize the options.

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Wouldn’t it be great if we could just see the options right there on the table before us, prior to ordering? Now we can, and Kabaq is making it happen.

Established just two years ago by Alper Guler, Kabaq is a company that’s putting to use what so many major tech companies are investing in to enrich our lives: augmented and virtual reality technology. Realistic, actual-size depictions of various food items can now be visualized in 3D with the use of a tablet or your personal phone by scanning item-specific codes through social media platforms such as Snapchat and Facebook.

“We believe the next generation content is 3D…and we are creating the next generation content for food,” says Guler. But this content includes more than just an image of the food, he explains; Kabaq is taking it a step further by augmenting the space surrounding the 3D preview with stories and information about the food and the way in which it was sourced.

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Kabaq is already working with 150 restaurants and is growing in popularity as positive feedback continues to flow in. Interested in checking it out for yourself?

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Hit play and visit to learn more.

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