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Second Genome is a drug discovery company focusing on the pharmaceutical applications of microbiome science, and the second genome refers to the genomes that are inside of our bodies because of the organisms in our microbiome.

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Second Genome has the ability to discover the different bacteria strains that are correlated with a healthier state.

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After discovering the proteins, peptides, and other molecules that these organisms create, Second Genome isolates that molecule and uses it to create pharmaceutical therapies. Because most microbiome companies are not able to identify organisms down to the strain level, the use of the molecule as a drug rather than a probiotic will avoid any intended consequences of attempting to alter the microbiome without fully understanding how it works.

Second Genome hopes their discoveries will be able to provide healing or medical cures for chronic diseases, the liver disease NASH, and more. They are currently in the animal testing phase and hope to move to clinical trials soon.

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They are also studying the effect that the microbiome has on cancer treatments, and they have received an NIH grant to study autism in conjunction with Stanford University.

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