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Looking to deepen your understanding of the human microbiome or understand how it could be affecting your overall health?

Dealing with a chronic gut issue such as IBD or ulcerative colitis? Trying to manage a gluten or lactose sensitivity? uBiome is a biotech company that was established in 2012 with the mission of advancing the science of the microbiome and making products that will allow individuals to understand how the microbiome contributes to their health and wellness, as well as a variety of illnesses and conditions.

Since 2012, uBiome has amassed the world’s largest data set on the human microbiome, having collected over 250,000 samples; that number only continues to grow. They currently offer three kits: Explorer, SmartGut, and SmartJane.

Based on a user’s goals and conditions, they will order one or more kits, submit a sample of their microbiome from one or more sites on their body, and complete a detailed survey that addresses their fitness routine, diet, sleep patterns, stress patterns, and daily activity.

The team at uBiome will use this information in conjunction with the sequencing data from their sample in order to provide an assessment of how their microbiome changes over time and contributes to their health.

As the Vice President of Product Technology at uBiome, Sara Bird provides an informative and interesting discussion about the ins and outs of everything offered by uBiome, the ways in which the microbiome plays a role in myriad conditions, the increasing use of microbiome data by physicians, and how to get started with your own uBiome kit today. Visit to learn more about each product offered.

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