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Whether you’re planning a business event, festival, or wedding party, Splash can help by providing sophisticated event marketing software that allows for more predictability, personalization, and greater returns on investment.

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As the CEO and founder of Splash, Ben Hindman has learned that the most important aspect of any event is not about getting more people in the room, but about getting the right people in the room.

In order to ensure that, Splash offers invitation software, a beautifully designed landing page and registration experience, reminders and automated emails, promotions, check-in apps, and post-event follow-up apps.

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Hindman discusses a range of topics, including the importance of design in event planning and recommendations on how to start planning your next event.

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“I’m really passionate about the in-person experience, I think it creates more focus, people pick their heads up and really look and listen…it brings them into the now,” says Hindman. Tune in for the full conversation, and learn more at

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